I can't help but place a parallel between the life experiences we come across (and learn from) and the wine experiences we come across (and learn from.)

Needless to say, Ms. Irene made her presence known to the Tri-State area this weekend - and made an unprecedented appearance in our beloved Manhattan in the early hours of Sunday morning. To be perfectly honest, I found this happenstance to be more of an excuse to break out the bottles that have been awaiting my tasting (living on the UES, the most exciting part was keeping up to date with the Misses as she pummeled across the east coast...and deciding what I was going to open in honor of this momentous occasion.)

So let's cut to the chase. Instead of opening those "special occasion" bottles that have been resting on my rack for 2+ years (including a 2008 Pouilly Fume, a 2004 Jubilee Hugel Gewurztraminer and a few Chateau Lusseau Grand Crus) I opted to give the "lesser" bottles sitting on the counter a chance at being at the top of the list to consume in the event of impending doom...

First up: 2009 Bodegas Antano Tempranillo: A beautiful way to sip away the night awaiting the "climax" (that never actually came for us) with rich berry notes and just a hint of spice that had enough length to last until it was time for a more light-hearted phase of the night:

2008 Feudo Arancio Pinot Grigio (Sicilia): Displaying an uncharacteristic (how fitting given the first-ever week of an earthquake THEN a hurricane, sheesh!) resemblance to an oaky (CA) chardonnay on the nose, this simple yet elegant Pinot Grigio (selected in honor of this month's GTi - #GTi) led to some nice white fruit notes with ample structure to hold me out until it was time to turn off the news and turn in for the night (and a great way to begin the post-hurricane lazy Sunday evening of sipping.)

So, lessons learned this weekend? Better safe than sorry...so great we were all ahead of the game in terms or prepping for this disaster...and also so great I didn't open those "special occasion" wines for what turned out to be (for me and others in Zone C) just a prolonged rainfall and some heavy winds.