Okay, well not the first, but the inaugurate one after my first day as Tasting Coordinator at Snooth Media! What a perfect way to keep the momentum going on this wine (daze) writing blitz!

(At Heidi's House - Upper East Side)

Taste 1: La Chasse White Cotes du Rhone (CDR)

Clean and crisp with subtle mineral nuances develop into white stone fruit marked by a tinge of pencil lead. Floral notes on the back palette with a fresh bouquet of white flowers...parfait!

Taste 2: Chateau Grand Antoine 2009 (White Bordeaux)

Decidedly more citrus on the nose an palette and even more crisp than our lovely CDR.

The Decision: COTES DU RHONE! Bring it On!
Why the CDR, you ask? Less bite and more savory notes with some grassy notes and a medium finish. Depth and body are balanced out with crisp notes and a tinge fresh lemon rind that reveal itself after a few sips (ok, 3 or 4...;)
(Well that was quick!)
I find myself musing over the concept of Acclimation:
Acclimation to new surroundings; acclimation to a new 'horaire du temps' (bosser, bosser, work work!); and last but not least, acclimation to a whole slew of new wines - whether I am cataloguing them into the inventory grid at Snooth, researching them, contemplating them, or, best of all, TASTING them!
So, which wine have I (and you!) been acclimating ourselves with in the recent weeks?
Well...many @ Heidi's House (way to state the obvious) including:
The delectable and oh so utterly lovely:
  • Estandon Cotes du Provence Rose
  • Thomas Henry Pinot Noir (CA)
  • Penny Farthing Cab Franc (CA)
  • La Jaufrette Cotes du Rhone 2001 (FR)
  • Montagne St. Emilion (FR)
Hmmm...time to expand the horizons beyond Heidi's House, Kristin the Wine Vixen!?
Well, one thing can be said about habit:
Once you acclimate yourself with a certain wine(s), a certain wine bar, a certain schedule, and certain surroundings, it brings you to next step, and new experiences...
So as I said about the CDR tonight: Bring It On! :-)