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Pinot Noir from Austria

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1 Hillinger Eveline Pinot Noir Burgenland (2015)
Comments: Sweet spice and lightly floral aromas with rich, syrupy cherry notes and soft strawberry jam. Explosive fruit and bold acidity on entry with a smooth core of blueberry, cherry and strawberry fruit, very juicy and fresh with a pop of fresh spice towards the finish that plays well against the tart cranberry and herbal pine and eucalyptus notes and finishes with cinnamon and nutmeg spice.
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2 De la Rosa Oneg Pinot Noir Weinland Austria (2015)
Comments: Dusty herbal and darkly spiced on the nose with a mineral note coming off savory oak notes. Tart and red fruited on the palate with dried rice syrup, plum and earthy cranberry notes, a bit of medicine and some pleasant minerality towards the finish of cherry and toast.
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3 Malat Pinot Noir Reserve Furth-Palt Niederösterreich (2013)
Comments: Tart, spicy and floral with a bit of heat and ripe cherries on the nose. Herbal on entry with tart cranberry, licorice root and birch bark, bright, sharp acidity and a thick streak of tannin coming through with a bit of sticky resin and maple syrup, finishing with a warm spice and a touch of cream.
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4 Forstreiter Pinot Noir Reserve Niederösterreich (2013)
Comments: Tart cranberry and focused cherry aromas with a pleasant warm spice and hints of blueberry and violet. A bit chunky in the mouth with dark plum and zesty cherry fruit, fresh but bold acidity and bright spice, some eucalyptus leaf and earth towards the finish.
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5 Stadlmann Pinot Noir Classic Thermenregion (2015)
Comments: Raspberry, red currant and cherry with a fading floral note and a hint of earth. This is full of earth and round floral fruit notes of strawberry, mixed berry and cranberry, tart but quite juicy and expressive with touches of medicine and eucalyptus leaf, falling into a soft smoky and earthy finish.
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6 Fritsch Pinot Noir Wagram (2012)
Comments: Warm brown sugar and ripe cherry notes with a chunky melon and fresh strawberry note. A bit savory and earthy on the palate with cinnamon spice leading the charge for a warm mixed berry and cherry palate of ripe fruit, finishing tart and compact with some cranberry fruit, light mushroom notes and some sticky tannins lending complexity to the finish.
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