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Who doesn’t love a good wine label? They are essential fodder for discussion over a glass. Chit-chat aside, wine labels are at their most meaningful when created under the aegis of a wine region.

Region-based logos are a true asset to wine consumers. Wine purchases are often made on faith; we buy wines before we have tasted them. Region-based logos de-risk our bets.  

The region logo verifies provenance. It’s a quality control indicator, created by groups of winemakers and grape growers who care about their products. Logos represent regions working as teams. It’s an ‘all for one and one for all’ mentality.

One of the world’s top white wine regions, D.O. Rueda, unveiled a new look for the 2018 vintage. That’s right, the same great wines just got a fresh logo.
The Rueda wine region is a true plateau, measuring eight hundred meters above sea level. Hot summers force the vines to dig extra deep for water. Calcium and magnesium rich soils mix with gravel, stone, and a smattering of hilltop limestone. This is precisely why Rueda is so well known for it’s mineral-driven wines.

The continental climate (long cold winters, short springs and hot summers) are perfect for the Verdejo wine grape, the region’s dominant varietal. It's an enigmatic grape – you’ll often find nutty aromas mixing with grapefruit, peach, and pineapple flavors.

Here’s what the region says about its new labeling:

Representing a shift to reflect modernity, and elegance, the D.O. Rueda has introduced a new corporate identity beginning with the 2018 vintage.

The Rueda back labels – the seals of authenticity and quality control that the Regulatory Board grants to wines with the Rueda Designation of Origin guarantee – have been simplified. The labeling system now has a stamp denoting the D.O. Rueda appellation, while the specific classifications and styles (“Verdejo”, “Sauvignon Blanc”, etc.), are now distinguished by label color only.

The new logo communicates the quality of 
Rueda, while making the designation of each wine bottle clear and simple to recognize. Updates to the appellation’s visual identity aim to reinvigorate the Rueda brand, the top selling white wine region in Spain. Simpler and easier to read, the new logos and labels will help consumers more readily remember the Rueda region.

Learn more about the region here. See what your local retailer has in stock now, but keep your eyes peeled for some special deals from the region here on Snooth.

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